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Distance Reiki

Distant Reiki sessions are equally as effective as in-person sessions.

The perception that time is linear and moves only in a forward direction, and that distance somehow creates separation, is purposeful in that it keeps us rooted and grounded in this physical reality. As much as our experience in this physical reality may be governed by the paradigm that time and space are real and fixed, it is an illusion and exists only because we have believed it to be true. Reiki transcends the illusion of time, which dissolves all limitations and increases our ability to manifest change and experience healing. Reiki can be sent forward or backward in time, as needed.  As a practitioner of holistic medicine, this is an aspect of my work that I strive to illuminate in an integrative way. 

As science comes to pace with that which shamans and healers have known since the beginning of time, we have increasingly more evidence that supports the fact that time is fluid, and moves forward and backward simultaneously. We have a deeper, more collective understanding that we are much more than just the physical body, and while there may be distance between our physical bodies, there is never separation. 


Reiki is sent and received with pure intention and willingness by both the practitioner and the receiver. Reiki teaches that "The origin of all is pure consciousness" Pure consciousness exists at the deepest level of being and at this level there is no time or space. (Reiki, The Healing Touch, William Lee Rand Pg. 49) 

Holistic medicines work on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, as they have the ability to access the energetic body.  

A distant Reiki healing session can be done in a tangible way over telephone or Skype, although this is not necessary. To book a distant Reiki session, click the BOOK NOW button to book online followed by an email with your intentions for the session, and/or your contact information. (Skype contact info, WhatsApp, or telephone number)